How Effective Is the Viral 25-7-2 Stairmaster Workout?

The viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout is a brand-new fitness craze that gym-goers are racking up steps for.

The viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout is a brand-new fitness craze that gym-goers are racking up steps for. You’ve probably heard of the “12-3-30” treadmill workout established by influencer Lauren Giraldo that went viral on the social media platform if you’re inclined to try out TikTok’s popular fitness routines. It pretty much goes without saying that you need to get on a treadmill, incline it to 12, and set the speed to 3. After that, all you have to do is walk for 30 minutes. That’s it. The viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout trend that is currently popular needs you to use a StairMaster, but it is totally worth the sweat.

How did the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout come about?


261.4 million people have already watched the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout on TikTok, and for good reason. Fitness aficionados are visiting their local gyms to get their cardio fix on and spend some quality time on the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout. Basically, this popular exercise involves turning the StairMaster to level 7 and climbing stairs for a total of 25 minutes twice a week. It was created by TikTok user @shutupcamilla. That’s right, it’s really that easy!

Although the goal was to develop an “ab trick,” this kind of viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout will undoubtedly do more than just aid in the development of core strength. You’ll also tone and strengthen your glutes, which can help prevent low back problems, give you more energy when you walk, and assist the body as a whole become more stable and strong. Leg day is usually an excellent idea because your legs include the greatest muscular groups in your body and because strengthening your legs helps speed up your metabolism. It combines aerobic and strength training in a manageable amount of time—a win-win!—for less than 30 minutes. That seems really good, no?

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Safety First

It’s vital to remember that you should utilize the handrail and your hands until you feel secure and solid if you’re still developing your strength and stability in the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout, are just starting out, or have never used a stair mill before. It’s not a great experience coming from a fitness writer who avoided the gym for eight years after falling off a Stairmaster in a college gym. 

If you don’t have access to a StairMaster, try walking for 25 minutes in a hilly region nearby; alternatively, you might utilize the stairs in your home or a nearby park. Get inventive, but keep in mind that you should always drive into your heels and glutes to engage your back legs. Maintain a consistent, moderate intensity for peak performance with the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

When it comes to cardio machines, whether it be an elliptical, treadmill, indoor rower, or other device, there are many alternatives. But stair climbers offer a few special advantages that can make them a useful supplement to someone’s exercise program with the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

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StairMaster Benefits

Nate Johnston

StairMasters encourage natural movement and hip extension, which are two criteria considered when putting together an aerobic program for clients, according to personal trainers. It’s crucial that cardio equipment doesn’t interfere with the body’s normal motions in the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

Another advantage of using a StairMaster, according to Ryan Keller, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, director of strength and conditioning for the department of recreational sports at Texas A&M University, is the requirement for balance and coordination in the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

Stair steppers are a terrific way to increase fitness in general in addition to the ways that these exercises can benefit the body specifically. While any movement can be excellent for our health, using the StairMaster can be particularly beneficial due to the elevation acquired.

Even in daily life, this is evident; if a person chooses to use the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator, they will probably find themselves breathing heavily, regardless of how athletic they are. This is because exerting force vertically can be far more difficult than exerting force horizontally, especially in little amounts with the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

Cardio Benefits


Stair stepper exercise is another excellent low-impact cardio exercise. For those who have joint discomfort or other problems, this essentially implies that the activity is less taxing on the body.

The StairMaster can be utilized to obtain a solid workout, but it’s a little more difficult to analyze the precise advantages of the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout because there is currently no scientific evidence to support the activity, making it difficult to rank the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout versus other workouts in a clear-cut manner.

The purported benefits of performing the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout, like many other online fads, might not totally be true. It is not a practical method for boosting strength, and it is unlikely to be “the secret to getting abs,” This kind of cardio can be a crucial component of an overall exercise program, but resistance training, healthy eating, and sufficient rest need to come first.

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Incorporating the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout

Even with a good StairMaster form, it may take some time to incorporate the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout into a person’s exercise routine because the volume, intensity, and duration are relative to the person.

Beginners might find the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout to be too difficult, but they can start at a lower level or only climb for a short while before moving up to the whole program. On the other hand, if a person is accustomed to using the StairMaster or has greater cardiovascular endurance, the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout may not be difficult enough for them.

The secret to improving fitness is for people to gradually increase one or more factors, such as duration, difficulty, or frequency. Make modifications around once a week, increasing one variable at a time with the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

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Getting used to the StairMaster

Even if you haven’t used one, you’ve probably seen the StairMaster at your neighborhood gym. As it simulates climbing stairs, this exercise machine is an excellent method to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of cardiovascular exercise. The StairMaster reportedly enhances your training regimen by adding metabolic conditioning. Climbing a few stairs on the StairMaster will improve your movement and recuperation while reducing stress on your joints with the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

Any sort of cardiovascular exercise helps improve cardiovascular health, but using a stair climber may give your legs and glutes a little extra stimulation as your heart rate increases. Using a StairMaster may be less damaging to the joints than running or other high-impact exercises.

Level seven may allow you to do this procedure twice a week in the beginning, but only for a total of 15 minutes each time. Try to extend the session to 20 minutes after a week or two while maintaining the same tempo and regularity. Alternately, you might do the same 15-minute workout in weeks three and four, but work at a level eight to work up to the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout.

Final Thoughts

The viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout

The viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout or any other StairMaster workout is a fantastic place to start for someone who is new to exercising. However, simply climbing for 25 minutes twice a week won’t always keep your heart healthy. You could require a little more exertion for it.

Even so, giving the viral 25-7-2 StairMaster workout a try might be worthwhile, especially if it’s one of several ways a person exercises over the week. It might be a terrific method to include endurance exercises in your daily exercise routine. Put it on an active recovery day, right before or right after your strength workout. Enjoy it and set a challenge for yourself.