15 Best Nutrition Books in 2023

If you want to be your best self this year and learn more about nutrition, we have gathered the best nutrition books that you can find in 2023.  There are so many nutrition books out there that finding the best one for you can be overwhelming. We have come up with the best nutrition books depending on if you are looking for general health, mental wellbeing, weight loss, and more. This way, you won’t have to search through endless amount of nutrition books.

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What can I expect to learn from a nutrition book?

The main things you can expect to learn from a nutrition book are how to encourage a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases based on cooking healthy, living healthy, and dieting.  This genre helps you understand more about how you should be eating and what foods are good for you. You can still enjoy some good meals, even desserts, but make it healthy.

What to look for in a nutrition book?

When looking for a nutrition book, it’s best to look for things that fit your lifestyle. If you want creative recipes for interesting foods or easy cooking recipes that won’t take you long to make up. If you are cooking for a family, try to find a family-friendly nutrition book. It ensures you have the ingredients for three or more families. It also provides that the recipes that are put together kids will enjoy.

Best nutrition books for beginners

15. Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, $22

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Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy talks about how to eat right based on author and doctor Walter Willett’s recommendations. He worked at the Department of Nutrition at Harvard and researched how the USDA guidelines for eating right are all wrong. In this book, he explains his method of “eating right” and how to do it safely. It is an excellent book if you want to learn about nutrition. 

14. What Do I Eat Now, $16

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What Do I Eat Now helps people who have diabetes and are looking to eat right but ensure their blood sugar level stays normal. This nutrition book provides that you do not get confused when reading is clear, concise, and down-to-earth written so you can understand. They give you straightforward advice from diabetes experts and cut right to the chase on all the necessary information.  

Best books on nutrition and mental health

13. The Happiness Diet, $16

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The Happiness Diet opens your eyes to nutrition and how much food makes us sick. It covers how certain moods can make us feel that can affect our mental health when not eating right. It gives straightforward solutions like a list of foods to swear off, kitchen organization tips, and meal plans.  Even small changes to your diet can change your mood and mental health altogether. 

12. This Is Your Brain on Food, $29 

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This Is Your Brain on Food is an excellent book for learning how to diet to help your mental health. Studies have shown that dieting can help with ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, OCD, dementia, etc. The book brings you research on which foods contribute to our mental health and how dieting can help treat and prevent a wide range of mental and health issues. 

11. The Psychobiotic Revolution, $16

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The Psychobiotic Revolution explains the new science behind brain health discovery and how a healthy gut means a healthy mind. This book takes you step by step on changing your mood and improving your life through nutrition. Gut health drives how depression and anxiety can be adjusted by what you take daily. 

Best nutrition books for athletes

10. Run Fast. Eat Slow, $26 

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Run Fast. Eat Show shows the best nutrition for athletes, no matter if you are a marathoner.  It is packed with a hundred recipes for every part of your day, whether it be snacks, drinks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This book even provides delicious desserts that are good for your body and will help you as a runner. 

9.  The TB12 Method, $18 

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The TB12 Method is the number one best seller for the New York Times. Tom Brady, an NFL legend, wrote this book. He goes over his training and the wellness system he was doing while playing football. This book is filled with lessons that Brady follows, and it gives you step-by-step guidance on how to maintain your performance and decrease injury risk. 

Best nutrition books for weight loss

8. The Obesity Code, $18

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The Obesity Code helps you understand how to lose weight that works best for you. This book shares the five basic steps to control your weight in a healthy matter. You can stop the calorie counting and all the crazy diets. It provides straightforward ways to achieve lasting weight loss and keep it off. 

7. Fit Men Cook, $27

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Fit Men Cook shares a hundred quick, easy meal prep recipes. They will save you time and money and help you get healthy but on your terms. This book gives you food freedom instead of worrying about what to eat. He also shares his personal story on overcoming depression and weight gain. He provides flavorful recipes like sweet potato whip and southern-inspired banana corn waffles.

6. Embrace You, $20

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Embrace You provides a scientific yet personal guide to weight loss. This book teaches you about not obsessing over the scale and how to embrace yourself through the weight loss journey. Dr. Gonsahn-Bollie provides how she journeyed through weight loss and taught others about being happy with a healthy weight.

Best nutrition books for healthy eating

5. Gentle Nutrition, $27

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Gentle Nutrition teaches you to build a healthier relationship with food and your body. Rachael Hartley explains how dieting doesn’t work and can make you eat less healthily and lose weight at an unsafe rate. This book focuses on the big picture of eating healthy and isn’t confusing or overwhelming. 

4.  Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, $12.50

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Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual explains how eating doesn’t have to be so complicated. This book brings simplicity to your daily decisions on food. Michael Pollan goes over a straightforward rule for eating wisely. It provides a guide to eating whether you are shopping at the supermarket or an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Best nutrition books for fitness

3. The Shredded Chef, $10

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The Shredded Chef is about getting the best recipes to help you lose weight and build muscle. These meals are easy to make, and you will love them daily. It covers how to create meal plans that help build muscle and lose fat but don’t make you feel starved or deprived of food. 

2. Bigger Leaner Stronger, $10

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Bigger Leaner Stronger helps you learn not to obsess over clean eating and avoid unhealthy foods. You can transom your body all while eating the right foods and doing some workouts per week. You can get the body you want without having a bland diet. This exercise book shows you how to eat right and still stay fit. 

1. The Fitness Mindset, $16

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The Fitness Mindset will teach you what foods are the best for you and the ones that will help increase energy, lose fat, and build muscle. This book teaches how to control your habits better and not lose motivation again when trying to stay fit. It will help get you into your life’s best physical and mental shape. 

Are there nutrition books that focus on a plant-based diet?

If you want to start a plant-based diet, The Ultimate Plant-Based Cookbook for Beginners is a great option for an overall, wholistic look at a plant-based, vegan diet. There are many nutrition books for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert on a plant-based diet. If you go to Barnes and Noble site and type in “plant-based diet,” it will show you all the nutrition books focusing on that diet. 

Worst books about eating healthy            

When it comes to eating healthy, there are some problematic influencers and diets out there. These, unfortunately, lead to some of the worst books about eating healthy. They don’t provide good tips on how to lose weight or how to eat healthy, or they push one aspect of that too aggressively. Here are three that we do not recommend:


We hope the nutrition books we provided help you with your health goals this year. It isn’t easy to find nutrition books that you know will suit your specific needs. It’s important to do your research on healthy eating, but also find a balance. By narrowing down the best nutrition books on the market, we know they can help you in your health journey moving forward.

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