10 Best Sit-Up Benches For Your Home Gym

Having the best sit-up benches for your home gym only makes your workout easy if you got what you need.While doing sit-ups and crunches at home is a great way to exercise your core muscles, a sit-up bench can take your ab training to another level.

10. Body-Solid Best Fitness Board, $168 

Body-Solid Best Fitness Board is a great fitness board for a beginner-friendly sit-up bench that’s easy to figure out, assemble, operate, and store away. 

  • All in all, this has six adjustable positions for standing and angled positions and three positions for lower leg support. 
  • Choose from ‘easy disassembly’ and ‘permanent setup’ with adjustable positions using safety pins and bolts.

9. Harison Compact Bench, $139 

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The Harison Compact Bench may not look like one of the most advanced ab benches, but it more than makes up for its functionality.

  • The best thing is that it comes fully assembled straight out of the box.
  • Taller users may have difficulty using this bench to its full potential.

8. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench, $199

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench is a good sit-up bench that doesn’t have to take up major space in your home gym. 

  • It provides four adjustable levels and an adjustable split thigh support. You will also find the adjustable footrest great for your comfort. 
  • The foam pads add general comfort and support. 

7. Target Abs, $1,399

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Target Abs bench is an abdominal-focused slant board set at a fixed angle. Setting this product apart from other sit-up benches are the three color-coded targets at the top of the bench.

  • Touch Target Technology takes the work out of the full range of motion out of the equation.
  • Has the reverse crunch handle for decline sit-up exercises. 

6. Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench, $330 

Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench has an impressive weight capacity at 1000 lb. 

  • For non-abs concerns, this ab bench provides an upgraded grippy pad to prevent slipping from sweaty hands. You can also find wheels on the rear for ease of transportation.
  • The back has an adjustable ladder with abrasion resistance chrome to prevent chipping and flaking. 

5. Finer Foam Bench, $179 

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Finer Foam Bench includes a free digital workout chart, so you can take advantage of everything the bench offers.

  • The foam leg rollers have four adjustable positions, so changing positions from ankle hold during an ab workout to calf supports or side crunches.
  • The high-grade steel frame boasts a static weight capacity of 600 lb and a dynamic load capacity of 400 lb. So, this exercise equipment can handle all the weight you can throw at it.

4. Leike Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench, $139 

Leike Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench will have your back feel comfortable during workouts against the upgraded backrest. 

  • The compact foldable structure fits in cars, storage space, under the bed, or leaning against the wall.
  • Made with foam, industrial-grade thickened steel, and leather, this adjustable bench features six back positions, three seat positions, and an automatic lock safety. 

3. Marcy Utlity Bench, $78 

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The Marcy Utility Bench is our top pick for the best budget sit-up bench. 

  • There are four adjustable positions for a decent variety of angles, with the steeper the angle, the higher the difficulty.
  • All the foam rollers are made from a high-density material that will keep their shape and provide a pleasant feel.

2. Bowflex Weight Bench, $249 

The Bowflex Stowable Bench may have everything you want in a solid sit-up bench. It has a heavy-duty construction of alloy steel finished with black paint for an edgy look.

  • This bench can adjust to 6 positions: 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, 0º, and -20º, so every abs exercise can achieve without jeopardizing your form or risking your safety.
  • The stowable structure of this sit-up bench is the cherry on top. Once you’re done using it, you can fold it and store it away.

1. Titan Max Adjustable FID Bench, $499 

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The Titan Max Adjustable FID bench can be used for various exercises making for an extremely versatile bench. 

  • With ten positions available, you can challenge yourself with how steeply you want to attempt declining sit-ups.
  • The head or seat has seven adjustable levels to find the best support for your head.