10 Best Sport Sunscreens for Working Out

When you are outside, you should always wear sunscreen. When you are in the sun for a long period of time, you want to prevent sunburns, sun poisoning, and skin damage. We have gathered the best sport sunscreens for working out so that they won’t stop working when you sweat or feel uncomfortable on your body.

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Does sweat affect sunscreen?

Most sunscreens are designed to be water and sweat resistant, but they have to earn that label with the FDA. If officially sweat-resistant, sweating will not remove the sunscreen or compromise the protection that it provides for a designated amount of time. Make sure to read the bottle of sunscreen before you buy it so that it says “sweat-resistant” and “water-resistant.” This is the most important thing to look for in a sport sunscreen because you don’t want it to sweat off while you’re working out. This could lead to uncomfortable skin during or after your workout.

How does sport sunscreen work?

Sport sunscreen is the better option when you are moving around, whether swimming or sweating. It is water resistant for 40 or 80 minutes, depending on the one you get. If you want a sunscreen that lasts longer, be sure to read the bottle and see how long the water-resistant sunscreen lasts. If you plan to swim, run, or cycle for longer than 25 minutes, we suggest using an 80-minute sweat-resistant sunscreen so that you are covered for your work out and cool down. It’s important to remember that the time frame indicates how much time should pass before you reapply.

What is the difference between regular sunscreen and a sport sunscreen?   

Regular sunscreen essentially means that it is not water resistant, according to the FDA. As a result, you can definitely wear regular sunscreen and feel confident that it will protect you from UV rays. However, it’s probably best worn out and about doing errands, rather than running or swimming. Sport sunscreen, on the other hand, is water resistant and can last up to 40 or 80 minutes in sweaty or wet conditions.

How to choose the best sport sunscreen for your skin type? 

Finding the right sunscreen for your skin type will help avoid skin irritation or breakouts. There are so many different kinds of sunscreen and SPF levels. The best way to distinguish between sunscreens is the purpose. For example, is it face, body, sweat or water-resistant, glowy, etc. Then, you can look at the ingredients and see if it is a chemical or mineral sunscreen. This is important for safety and it will also teach you how effective the ingredients are.

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The best sport sunscreens for working out

10. Australian Gold Extreme Sport, $9.09 

best sport sunscreens for working out: Australian Gold
Credit – amazon.com

The Australian Gold Extreme Sport is a lotion with a cooling sensation that provides sweat resistance, so you won’t have to worry about sweating it off. It helps shield the skin from UVA and UVN rays which are the toughest on the skin. Reviewers like it because it smells good and feels light on their skin.

9. Banana Boat Sport, $13.88

The Banana Boat Sport is a water-resistant spray that lasts up to 80 minutes. You can splash all you want or sweat on a run because this has superior resistance to both. You won’t have to worry about it getting in your eyes irritating. Reviewers have stated that it has never failed them and is perfect for working out or swimming. 

8.  Vanicream, $16 

best sport sunscreens for working out: Vanicream
Credit – amazon.com

Vanicream is for sensitive skin and won’t clog up your pores, so it’s great if you struggle with acne in the summer. This sunscreen can be used for the face and body, so you won’t have to worry about investing in two different sunscreens. Reviewers have stated that it protects sun-sensitive skin and feels light without a greasy finish, keeping your skin clear.

7. Thinksport, $16.79  

Thinksport comes dermatologist recommended, and it can be applied to the face and body. It is water-resistant and lasts up to 180 minutes, which is the best for longer workouts. You can go for a run outside and then follow it up with a swim in the ocean. Reviewers have stated that it doesn’t irritate the skin and it is easy to rub in. 

6. Hawaiian Tropic, $11 

best sport sunscreens for working out: Hawaiian Tropic
Credit – amazon.com

The Hawaiian Tropic is a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, so it avoids that greasy feeling. If you sweat or get wet, it won’t run into your eyes.  It is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Reviewers have stated that this lotion protects as well as moisturizes their skin. 

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5. Alba Botanica, $14

The Alba Botanica is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, so you know its ingredients are effective. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and has plant-based ingredients, making it completely vegetarian-approved. Reviewers have stated that it feels light and can be worn under makeup. 

4. Coppertone Sport, $20 

best sport sunscreens for working out: Coppertone sport
Credit – amazon.com

 The Coppertone Sport is easy to apply with the aerosol sprayer. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and will stay strong when you sweat. You won’t have to worry about it coming off, but should reapply every hour and a half to ensure protection all day. Reviewers have stated that you need to make sure it is fully dry before entering the water, or the water resistance feature won’t work and you’ll risk sunburns.

3. Solimo Sport, $5.86 

The Solimo Sport protects you from UVA and UVB and provides water resistance for 80 minutes. This is an Amazon brand, so it is cheaper than all the other brands but very safe when you use it. Reviewers have stated that it doesn’t irritate their eyes when it accidentally runs and doesn’t have a smelly odor. 

2. EltaMD UV Sport, $30 

best sport sunscreens for working out: Elta MD
Credit – amazon.com

The EltaMD UV Sport is quite expensive because it is good for all skin types and can be used for the face and body. It is water resistant to last up to 80 minutes. Reviewers have stated that it applies like a moisturizer and protects the skin all day in the sun. Customers love that it is dermatologist-recommended, and it protects the skin from breakouts. 

1. BLUE LIZARD Australian, $15

The BLUE LIZARD Australian sunscreen contains no fragrances or parabens, making it great for people who have sensitive skin. It is sweat and water-resistant that lasts up to 80 minutes. Reviewers have stated that they love that it doesn’t have a smell, so you feel like you smell like chemicals or anything. 

Stick, lotion or spray?

Between the stick, lotion, and spray sunscreen, the best sport sunscreens for working out are the lotion and spray. The stick sunscreen doesn’t get everywhere you need when applying the sunscreen. On the other hand, lotion or spray can be rubbed in and easily applied to every area that is going to be seen by the sun. It’s quicker and more convenient for your workouts.

What SPF should I look for in a sport sunscreen?

You should look for SPF 30 or above in a sport sunscreen. It will protect you the most when you are outside. Also, look for the one with the longest sweat and water-resistant time. That way, reapplying won’t be a hassle if you try applying every 40 minutes. 

How much sport sunscreen should I use?

Based on recommendations, you should apply at least one ounce of sunscreen on your body. The face should be a smaller amount than that, of course. A good marker is about four fingers worth of sunscreen should then get rubbed on your face. You need to add sunscreen on everything visible to the sun. Ensure you get your ears, neck, hands, and between your fingers. If you don’t think it needs sunscreen, you’re wrong, it most likely does need sunscreen. 

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How often should runners reapply sunscreen?

It depends on how long your runs are and what sunscreen you wear, but you should apply sunscreen about every hour and a half. You want to reapply because it tends to wear off after about 80 minutes, especially if you are sweating. They have travel-size sunscreens if you tend to go on long runs and want to take it with you in a running pouch. 

Are chemical sunscreens safe?

The evidence on this varies, which can make it a frustrating question to answer. However, the uncertainty revolves around ingredients rather than the idea of chemical sunscreens. Certain chemicals like Oxybenzone or Avobenzone are not great to use on the body. However, other chemicals, as this article from the Center of Surgical Dermatology mentions, can be safe to use. As a result, you can definitely use chemical sunscreens, which is what most sweat-resistant sunscreens are.

This is also proven by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the US Food and Drug Administration. Knowing that those three places approve it makes people feel better about using sunscreen that has chemicals, although you cannot do so while pregnant.

Do I need a separate face sunscreen?

Yes, it would help if you separated face and body sunscreen. The reason you would need to have sunscreen for your face is that it is generally more sensitive. Facial sunscreens are usually oil-free and gentle, so you don’t break out acne from applying. They have ones if your skin is sensitive and you break out over anything with fewer chemicals in the sunscreen. 

Does sunscreen expire?

Yes, some sunscreens have an expiration date, so you shouldn’t use the sunscreen past the date. If the date isn’t clear, you can also tell by the sunscreen itself. It will most likely expire if it is a different color, watery, or chunky. You can also check the printers’ codes on the back that have the date, batch, and location where it was manufactured. You can look it up online and see if it is expired. 

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