Class Pass Review Tri-State Area: Is the Health Booking App a Good Value?

Class Pass is a credit-based wellness membership that allows you to access thousands of gyms, studios, salons, and spas. I tried the two-week free trial, and this is my honest Class Pass review.

*The workouts I tried were all in the New York New Jersey area.

Before I dive into a full Class Pass review I want to explain what the health booking app really is. Class pass defines itself as “a credit-based membership that grants you access to thousands of studios, gyms, salons & spas near you.” I can attest that this definition is true and adequately describes the main purpose of the app. 

Class Pass runs on credits. Members can select how many credits they want per month. Class Pass offers 8-credit plans, 23-credit plans, 43-credit plans, 80-credit plans, and 100-credit plans. Each class that you book through Class Pass costs a different amount of credits and each package of credits costs a different amount per month ranging from $19-$199. 

Credits can be used to book a class or appointment. The amount of credits needed to book varies by reservation type, location, popularity and time. Reserving some time at the gym would be as little as 1 credit whereas a full body pilates workout at a busy time would be up to 10 credits. 

Workouts aren’t the only thing you can book on Class Pass you can also book nail appointments, massages, facials, and other beauty-related activities. So is class pass worth it? After a two-week trial, I tried 4 different places and this is my Class Pass review.

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In a 2 week trial, you get 43 credits to use. I used 40 of mine (SLT 2x) during my class pass review.

SLT- 10 credits

AKT- 7 credits

CKO- 6 credits

AIR Aerial Fitness-7 credits

SLT- 10 Credits

Strengthen Lengthen Tone is a full-body pilates experience and my favorite out of all the workouts I tried. I left this class feeling strong, motivated, and accomplished. It was all very low impact so great for anyone avoiding high impact workouts. The entire community was very encouraging and made me want to come back for more classes.

Class Pass review: 8/10

AKT- 7 Credits

AKT is a dance cardio class. I didn’t hate this class, but I also did not love it. This may be because I was a competitive dancer for my whole childhood, but I didn’t find the class challenging or rewarding. There is choreography you learn at the beginning of the class and some people definitely struggled with this.

Class Pass review: 5/10

CKO- 6 credits


CKO Kickboxing was an okay experience for me. We did a lot of work on the ground with burpees and like exercises and less on the actual bag which I didn’t love, but this class was a good workout and I would go back. Be prepared to be sore the next day.

Class Pass review: 6/10

AIR Aerial Fitness- 7 credits


This class was fun! I have always wanted to do an aerial yoga class, but had never gotten around to it. I definitely had more fun in this class than I did a workout, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Class Pass Review: 7/10

Overall Class Pass review

If you are new to your fitness journey and want to figure out which type of workout is best for you then I think Class Pass is awesome. The ability to pick from hundreds of workouts in your area is a luxury and helps you broaden your fitness horizons. However, I do not know that I would keep a membership after the 2-week free trial. I loved using it to find workouts I love, but I think now I will just book workouts through those facilities.

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