Workout Guide to Wall Pilates for Seniors

As you get older, a lot of conventional workout routines do not work for you anymore. Whether it be due to joint pain or intensity of the workout, you should be doing a workout routine that is healthy while also being safe. Wall pilates for seniors is a newer exercise routine, but has great results for older generations that want to stay fit and healthy. Or, if you’re looking for a non-aggressive way to stay in shape, keep reading about wall pilates here. 

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Is Wall Pilates Good for Seniors?

Pilates may sound like a taxing exercise routine, but lots of these exercises are done in slow movements targeting specific muscle groups. This means that wall pilates for seniors is safe, gentle, and effective. Even if you are just beginning your pilates journey, you will be able to keep up with seasoned veterans since wall pilates applies to all fitness levels. 

What is Wall Pilates?

Wall pilates is just a variation of normal pilates, utilizing the wall to press one or more body parts against. Most of the time this is your feet. Then you will complete several different exercises against the wall such as the hundred, wall squats, or a plank. The wall is the key for seniors because it provides balance, stability, and adds just enough resistance to really make the workout beneficial. 

10 Minute Wall Pilates for Seniors Workout

Try out this short workout routine to see if you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into wall pilates.

1. Wall Assisted Bridges (40 seconds)

Credit: Youtube

Lay on your back and place your feet against the wall, with knees over hips and calves parallel to the floor. Then, press into the wall with your feet as you lift your hips into a bridge position. Slowly lower the hips back to the ground and repeat. 

2. Wall Marches with Straight Legs (40 seconds)

Starting at a wall-assisted bridge position, walk your feet up the fall until your knees are straight. Make sure to keep your tailbone tucked under. Then, lift your left leg off of the wall and sweep it towards your head. Return the left leg to the wall, and complete this same movement with your right. Continue to alternate between legs until the time is up. 

3. Wall Squat with Arm Lifts (1 minute)

Start this exercise standing with your back against the wall. Slowly walk your feet out in front of you, sliding your back down the wall into a wall squat position with knees bent and ankles under knees. Get your leg muscles to fire by pushing your heels into the ground. Then, with your arms against the wall with palms facing the wall, lift them out in front of you and up overhead. Reverse this motion until you’ve returned to the starting position, then repeat. 

4. Wall Squat with Heel Raises (1 minute)

Credit: Youtube

In your wall squat position, lift your left heel and lower it to the floor. Repeat this motion on the right side and switch until the time is complete. 

5. Wall Squat with Cactus Arms (1 minute)

Start in a wall squat and sweep your arms in front of you and bend your elbows at ninety degree angles, with palms facing each other. With elbows still bent, move your arms back so your forearms and outer hands tap the wall. Move your arms forward and repeat the outward motion. 

6. Wall Lunge Pulses (30 seconds per side)

Credit: Youtube

Stand with your back facing the wall. Taking a big step forward with your left leg, slowly shift your weight to the left. As you bend the left leg, lift your right bent leg up towards the wall behind you and put your foot on the wall. This foot should be in line with your hips. Place your hands on your hips to increase balance and pulse the left leg, bending deeper each time and return to the starting position. Repeat this on the other side. 

7. Pec Stretch (30 seconds per side)

Start facing the wall in an upright position. Then, lift your right arm to about shoulder height, bending the elbow and pressing your right hand into the wall. Next, twist your body to the left, with your right hand still on the wall, so you feel a slight stretch in the pec and shoulders. Repeat this motion on the other side. 

5 Effective Wall Pilates Moves

As you can see in the ten-minute exercise there are some key moves or stances that wall pilates uses, and then builds upon to create a varied workout. The five most effective moves within a wall pilates workout are the hundred, the shoulder bridge, arms overhead, wall squats, and wall stretches. 

21 Day Pilates Wall Workout for Seniors

The best kind of workouts are the ones that have week or month-long schedules so you never feel the repetitiveness of working out. Check out this example workout from BetterMe that can get you started on the right path to being healthy. Even though this example is five weeks long, you can use the first three weeks as a benchmark and just repeat those if you’re looking for a more complete workout routine. 

28 Day Pilates Wall Workout for Seniors

If you want something longer and more intensive, check out wall pilates books which provide up to twenty-eight day workout plans. These options are great for dedicated seniors who really enjoy wall pilates. 

Wall pilates workouts are not just for older people – they can apply to any generation that is looking for a gentle way to workout and stay in shape. With just a few exercises, you can feel energized for the day and properly loosened up. But, wall pilates for seniors is especially great, as you can battle back the feelings of old age with just a few simple exercises. 

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