Yoga Ball Bouncing: What Are the Benefits of This Exercise?

Yoga ball bouncing may seem like a weird term, but it is quite beneficial to your body and can be a useful warm-up for a more difficult workout. All you need is yourself and a yoga ball. Check out the benefits, how to bounce to get the best results, workouts with a yoga ball, and where to buy your next piece of exercise equipment. 

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Is Bouncing on a Yoga Ball Exercise?

yoga ball exercise
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Bouncing on a yoga ball is exercise, though it is not a super intense type of exercise. It is used as more of a warm-up for other core exercises, and helps get everything loose. 

In order to get the best results while yoga ball bouncing, you want to sit on the ball with your feet hip distance apart on the floor. Then, draw in your belly button as you bounce up and down, focusing on the upward action. Slowly increase your height and add in varied arm movements, or just keep them down to your sides for stability. Continue this repetition until you feel adequately stretched out. 

What Does Bouncing on a Yoga Ball Do?

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5. Core Strengthening

As you bounce up and down, you are activating your core in order to stay on top of the ball. This works out both the abdominal and back muscles, and can lead to improved posture and stability. 

4. Improves Balance and Coordination

Similar to the core strengthening, balance and coordination will be improved as you bounce and try to stay on the ball. It can also help coordination if you are working both your arms and legs as you bounce. 

3. Increases Flexibility

Since you are moving up and down, your muscles in the lower back and hips will be able to stretch out with minimal stress. You can become more flexible in other activities, and not feel as tight throughout the day. 

2. Low Impact Exercise

This is a perfect exercise for those who are older, or just have lots of joint pain. Because you’re moving in small increments, there is little to no pressure on any joints. It’s a great way to get a cardio workout and still be gentle on your joints. 

1. Versatility of Exercising

You can use the exercise ball to bounce, but there are many other low-impact exercises you can do with a yoga ball. This is why the yoga ball bounce is versatile, because there are many variations you can do, or completely different exercises as well. 

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Exercise Ball Bounce Workouts

Check out a couple of these exercise ball workout videos if you need help learning how to bounce, or just for motivation to keep using your exercise ball to workout. Using YouTube as a free educational or guided workout resource is a great way to build a baseline. Plus, this can help hold you accountable for your workouts and proper form.

First, learn how to correctly bounce on the yoga ball through this video if you are a visual learner.

Next, try out this video if you want a more intensive stretch. Luckily, you can still perform the workout in under five minutes. This is perfect when you’re just getting started with ball bouncing and stretching.

Where to Buy a Yoga Ball / Yoga Ball Bouncing

Buying a yoga ball is not terribly hard, but you want to make sure you have the correct size, according to your height. Yoga balls sell from 45-85 centimeters; a forty centimeter difference from the smallest to largest size. 

The best way to size your ball is when you sit on the ball, your feet should rest easily on the floor, knees aligned with the pelvis making a ninety degree angle. Thighs should be parallel to the floor, and your head, shoulders, and hips should be aligned when sitting up straight. 

Another way to find the perfect ball is using this size guide compared to your height. If you are under 5’1” use a 45 centimeter ball, 5’1”-5’8” use a 55 centimeter ball, 5’9”-6’3” use a 65 centimeter ball, and anyone over 6’3” may need a 75-85 centimeter ball. 

Here are a couple of yoga ball options from Walmart and Amazon.

1. Yoga Ball from Walmart

yoga ball bouncing

This yoga ball comes in three different sizes, assorted colors, and each one comes with a quick pump. This yoga ball has a four star review from twenty-five reviews, and only costs $18.99. The available colors are blue, pink, or purple and can be ordered in sizes 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm.

2. Yoga Ball from Amazon

amazon yoga ball

This yoga ball comes in five different colors, is anti-burst, and also comes with a quick pump. Color options include black, indigo, purple, pink, and turquoise with sizes from S all the way to XXL. Receiving 4.6 stars on average from 33,194 reviews, this yoga ball is reliable and the #1 bestseller in the yoga balls section.

Yoga balls are a versatile tool that can be used for several things, most frequently being yoga ball bouncing. Pregnant mothers often use these when they are far along in their pregnancy, but anyone can buy and exercise on this tool in the morning to start your day off strong. 

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