5 Best Under-the-Desk Treadmills in 2023

If you work at a desk all day, it can be challenging to live an active lifestyle which is why we have ranked the best under-the-desk treadmills in 2023. We have gathered all the information you need to know about these treadmills that can be easily placed under your desk. Please look at our guide to find the under-the-desk treadmill, also known as a walking pad, that best suits your needs.

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What Is an Under the Desk Treadmill?

An under-the-desk treadmill is a flat treadmill that doesn’t have any handles. It can fit perfectly under your desk and allows you to walk while on Zoom calls or reading emails. As a result, it allows you stay active while you would normally be sitting and working at your desk all day. These walking pads are designed to be used at low speeds. Some walking pad speeds can go up to ten kilometers per hour. 

How Can You Use an Under-the-Desk Treadmill?

To start, it helps if you have a convertible desk and because you’ll need the top of the desk to be at standing height in order to continue to use your computer. Many brands make stands you can buy to put on top of your seated desk if that is better for you.

Once you’ve got your desk at the proper height, you can remove your chair and replace it with your new walking pad. We suggest measuring under your desk to ensure that the treadmill can be easily placed and that you have enough space to walk. Once it is placed under the desk, you will turn it on as it says in the directions and start walking.

What Are the Health Benefits of Using an Under-the-Desk Treadmill?

There are many health benefits to using an under-the-desk treadmill. We have gathered a list to show you all the benefits of using one. 

  • Improve circulation 
  • Boost morale 
  • Relieves joint and lower back pain 
  • Reduce diabetes
  • Fight heart disease 
  • Raise life expectancy 
  • Increases productivity 

In the article, “Treadmill Desk Can Benefit Your Health In These Three Key Ways,” there are three significant, proven health benefits of having a treadmill under your desk. These include improved memory and cognitive skills, lower risk of neck and back pain, and lower risk of early death.  As a result, it is clear that time spent working could also be spent walking slowly to avoid these negative results.

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Does an Under-the-Desk Treadmill Allow for Incline Walking?

best under-the-desk treadmills
Credit – amazon.com

There are only a few under-the-desk treadmills that have incline walking, but they do exist. One treadmill that we know offers incline is Egofit’s Under Desk Electric Walking Treadmill. This treadmill is actually considered to be the world’s smallest walking treadmill, so it is pretty amazing that it can also take you slightly uphill. It already comes at a five-degree incline and has five different speeds to increase the intensity of the workout. 

How Can I Store My Walking Pad When I’m Not Using It?

You can store your treadmill under your bed or place it in your closet when you are not using it. They’re often very thin, so this is a benefit that regular standing treadmills do not offer. Alternatively, you can lean it up against the wall by your desk so it can be close by when you want to use it. Some treadmills fold up for more space and easy storage away. 

Are Under-the-Desk Treadmills Durable?

The best under-the-desk treadmills are made to be durable and can support a heavier amount of weight. They are not made for running, only some light jogging and walking. As a result, the main purpose of this treadmill is to be used while you are doing other things. It does not function as both an under-the-desk treadmill and full use cardio treadmill. We suggest looking into the treadmill you are considering getting to make sure it fits all needs, like width, length, and weight limit in the treadmill. 

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How Much Does an Under-the-Desk Treadmill Cost?

Under-the-desk treadmills can cost anywhere from three hundred to two thousand dollars. It all depends on the brand and what the treadmill has to offer. The less expensive ones have fewer features and come with the basic things you’ll need to walk while at your desk.

The expensive walking pads have features like Bluetooth that can connect to your phone and keep track of your stats. Some even have access to music and can play it for you while you walk. Features like this can make the pricing vary a lot. The more features, the more expensive they can be.

The nice thing about this stripped down version of a treadmill is that you are able to get a more affordable one. Regular treadmills can cost thousands of dollars, but even the most expensive walking pads tend to be cheaper than this.

Below we have rounded up a list of the best under-the-desk treadmills that come in a variety of price ranges. Take a look and see how you might be able to reap the rewards of this new fitness trend.

1. LifeSpan Fitness Walking Under Desk Treadmill, $1,599 

Lifespan fitness walking under the desk treadmill
Credit – amazon.com

The LifeSpan Fitness Walking Under Desk Treadmill is our most expensive walking pad option. It has extra safety to it, though, which is a plus. When you step off the treadmill belt, it will stop automatically ensuring you are no longer using it. You won’t have to worry about it disturbing you while you work because it has a whisper-quiet motor. 

Reviewers have stated that they enjoy this product because it is simple to use, not very big, and won’t take up much space like regular treadmills usually do. They also enjoy it because it won’t interfere with you whether you are writing or typing at your desk. 

2. WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill, $550

walkingpad c2 mini foldable walking treadmill
Credit – walkingpad.com

The WalkingPad C2 Mini Foldable Walking Treadmill folds in half for easy storage. It is definitely one of the more compact options out there, but the price doesn’t break the bank as much as others. A digital screen will display your time, distance, speed, steps, and calories burned. 

Reviewers have stated they love how easy it is to store and can fold up and place it under the sofa or bed. There is an EVA layer added to the treadmill that makes it smoother when walking or jogging on it, which can be great if you plan to be on it for most of the day.

3. WalkingPad Folding Treadmill, $449 

Walkingpad folding treadmill
Credit – amazon.com

Also from the WalkingPad brand, the WalkingPad Folding Treadmill comes with smart gravity foot sensing to prevent you from falling while using it. It’s also one hundred dollars cheaper than the treadmill listed before this. It comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to get off to bend down and change any of the settings. 

Reviewers have stated that the introductory training on the app they ask you to download is beneficial, and they love having a remote control to change any settings they want while still on it. 

4. RHYTHM Under Desk Treadmill, $400 

rhythm treadmill
Credit- amazon.com

The RHYTHM Treadmill goes for a very affordable price and can fit right at your standing desk without coming in between you and your desk as you work. It is compact and foldable, making it easier to put away after use. You can store it in a closet, under a bed, sofa, or standing up. 

Reviewers have stated that it is straightforward to install and is nice and quiet, unlike other treadmills that can make a lot of noise. It is sturdy and will not move when jogging or walking. As a bonus, it has a Bluetooth connection app where you can keep track of your stats.

5. GOYOUTH 2 in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill, $390 

goyouth under the desk treadmill
Credit – amazon.com

The GOYOUTH 2 in-1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill is the cheapest option we recommend and it is available on Amazon. Like the WalkingPad folding treadmill, this option comes with a remote control so you can change the speeds from 0.5 to 6 mph. It comes with Bluetooth speakers so you can connect your phone and play music if you enjoy listening to something while you are working at your desk. That’s definitely an impressive feature considering the price point.

Reviewers have stated that this walking pad was the most affordable one while still being useful. They enjoy it because their heart rate increases even when it is only at two miles an hour. The reviewers appreciate that the setup is easy and doesn’t take too many steps to get it going. 

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Which Under-the-Desk Treadmill is Best?

There isn’t a specific under-the-desk treadmill that is the best, but there are lots of choices. We suggest that if you want to get one, measure your space and research the sizes of these different brands to find the best fit for you. The best part is that based on the reviews, the price doesn’t intervene with how durable the treadmills can be.

Please read the description of the walking pads, making sure it states their durability and decide which features you would like to prioritize. Reviews are also a great way to get more insight into the product from people who have already purchased and used it.