Best Exercise Bikes For Home Workouts

The best exercise bikes offer many benefits, from boosting your cardio fitness to building lower body strength. If you live in a bustling area or frequently face bad weather, getting outside on a bike is only sometimes an option. Using a stationary bike can provide the same benefits you want to experience in the great outdoors, just in the comfort of your home. 

What You Should Know About Exercise Bikes?

You should know that exercise bikes have come a long way, and there are plenty of models on the market that will have your head spinning. It can be tough to pick out the best exercise bike but know that it’s always best to go off what you need, not the number one pick. 

Is an exercise bike worth it?

An exercise bike is worth it because it can effectively burn calories and body fat. It will also help with strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. An exercise bike puts less stress on your joints but can still provide an amazing aerobic workout, making it all worth purchasing one. 

What are the benefits of exercise bikes?

  • Boost Cardio Fitness 
  • Burns Body Fat
  • Provides low-impact workout
  • It can help with weight loss
  • Safer than road cycling 
  • Strengthen the low-body muscles and legs 

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What to Look for in an Exercise Bike?

There are a few things to look for when purchasing an exercise bike. 

  • The first thing is that comfort is key, so you are going to want to have a seat that is comfortable when sitting. 
  • A good exercise bike will have adjustable seats and handlebars so you can figure out the best placement for you. 
  • Adjustment resistance is key because it allows the workouts to be more straightforward or complex, depending on when you want to change it up. 
  • Having a stable exercise bike speaks for itself. You don’t want a bike shifting back and forth because that’s unsafe. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Indoor Exercise Bikes?

  • Upright – A upright bike is like a regular bicycle and is the most popular type of exercise bike. 
  • Recumbent – You sit more comfortably in a reclined position on a larger seat. This type of bike puts less stress on the upper body and joints. 
  • Dual action – The dual action provides a workout for your legs and a solid upper body workout. The handlebars move back and forth to target your upper body muscles. 

Best Budget Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a budget-friendly exercise bike, you have come to the right place. We have the best exercise bikes you can get that are affordable. 

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike, $280 

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The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike has a heavy-duty steel frame, ensuring stability. There is a monitor to help keep track of your distance, time, speed, and calories burned. 

It is easy to move around when you want to put it away, and it is very quiet. It is so quiet that it will not wake anyone up. It can be in the bedroom and won’t disturb your partner. 

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike, $140

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The Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike has eight resistance levels, allowing you to adjust depending on how easier or more complicated you want the cycling to be. They have a little monitor so you can track the distance you’ve traveled, speed, time, and calories burned. 

Finding an exercise bike that has comfortable seating can take time and effort. Well, you won’t have to look any further. This bike has high-density foam covering the seat to provide a comfortable workout session. 

XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike, $107

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The XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike is budget-friendly if you want a cheaper exercise bike, but it is still quite good, no matter the price. It has a small monitor where you can see your time, speed, distance, and calories lost. 

It is quiet, comfortable, and easy to store because it can fold up and be put away. It will give you high performance, but this is a definite steal for the price it is sold at, and you can’t go wrong with it. 

Are exercise bikes good for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight, an exercise bike is a good option for anyone who wants a new way to work out. You burn calories faster using an exercise bike that helps your weight drop more quickly over time. 

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Best mid-range exercise bikes

We have you covered if you are looking for a bike that is not cheap but not expensive. These bikes are mid-range in price, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary, $300

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The Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary meets the needs of beginners to professionals. It has an LCD monitor where you can keep track of your speed, time, distance, and the number of calories burned. 

It is designed to be quiet, so it will not disturb anyone awake, no matter when you decide to work out. You can put your phone or iPad on the stand and watch cycling videos if you want to have an instructor to guide you through the workout.  

pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike, $246

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The pooboo Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike provides a comfortable seat with four-way padding to ensure a comfortable workout session. A monitor holder can hold a tablet, phone, or water bottle, so you don’t have to get off and grab anything. 

A digital monitor will track your exercise time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse so that you can know your progress. You can adjust your workout plan after reading the monitor and see how you have improved each time workout. 

HARISON Indoor Exercise Bike, $359 

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The HARISON Indoor Exercise Bike has eight levels of resistance. Even when you increase the resistance level, this bike is quiet and smooth while cycling. This bike has a monitor to keep track of your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. 

This exercise bike provides a wide seat and a padded cushion, so you won’t feel uncomfortable working out in the first few minutes. The pedals are designed to be non-slip, and you can adjust the strap to tighten it, making it perfect for your feet.  

Best high-end exercise bikes

These exercise bikes are high-end because they have a screen providing workouts and different programs.

Bike Personal, $12,195

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The Bike Personal has a swiftpad to keep track of your distance, speed, and time. The bonus to this bike is that it has built-in sensors so you can see your heart rate as you train. 

Right below the swiftpad is a little place where you place your phone, and it will charge your phone wirelessly. With the swiftpad, you can connect to the internet and have TV, Netflix, social media, and more all within reach when working out.

NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike, $2,299 

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The NordicTrack S27i Studio Bike has a touchscreen where you can cycle from anywhere around the world and provides you with how it feels to bike in Maui or Switzerland. 

It is easy to adjust by just commanding to adjust to your needs, whether it be resistance, incline, or decline. All you need to do is talk; it will do all the work you want. 

Technogym Cycle, $3,185

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The Technogym Cycle has a sleek screen showing you your distance, speed, time, and burned calories. With this bike, there are Technogym sessions you can join, and you place your tablet or phone on the stand and have a trainer guiding you boosting your motivation. 

This bike is ideal for any age, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. It has a comfortable extra-wide seat making you not want to get off. 

Is a treadmill or exercise bike better?

Between the treadmill and an exercise bike, they are both a much better option than no exercise. They both provide the same effectiveness when trying to burn fat. Exercise bikes can be typically safer than treadmills reducing the risk of injury. An exercise bike would be better if you want to reduce the risk of injury. 

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Exercise bike vs. treadmill

Exercise Bikes 

  • Designed for only an indoor cycle. 
  • They are designed for spinning or having a more reclined position.


  • Allows you to walk and run in a controlled indoor environment
  • Can be motorized or nonmotorized 

Best durable action exercise bike

When looking for an exercise bike, you want something durable that can last a long time. If you constantly use the bike, you don’t want something that won’t last, especially after spending so much money on it. 

Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycling Bike, $800

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The Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycling Bike comes with a thirty-day trial to the Echelon Membership, where you can access three thousand on-demand fitness classes. It has thirty-two levels of magnetic resistance, where you can choose how you want the intensity to be with each session. 

It doesn’t come with a monitor unless you have a tablet. You can keep track of your distance, time, speed, and calories burned. You can place it on the tablet or phone mount to see your progress. 

Schwinn – IC4 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, $1,000

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The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike comes with a heart rate armband, and on the monitor, you will be able to track your heart rate, time, distance, speed, and calories burned. 

You can place your phone or tablet on the mount, and there are water bottle holders. No need to stop your workout, grab a drink, or check your phone when it is all placed somewhere on the bike. 

Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike, $700 

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The Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike comes with a Bluetooth armband to keep track of your heart rate. It has a device and water bottle holder, so they are all within reaching distance from you. 

You can also download the included exercise app that will give you access to numerous workout videos that make exercising fun and intuitive. It has comfortable seating to make it enjoyable when you are working out. 

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Having the recumbent exercise bike makes it easier for people who can’t sit on the smaller seats, especially for people that are elderly and want to work out but still need back support. 

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series, $659 

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The Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series has twenty-five resistance levels, giving you various intensity options. It comes with twenty-nine workout programs. If you want to change it up, you can try one of the programs. 

It has a monitor to keep track of your speed, distance, and time. You can even keep track of heart rate by holding on to the handles, whether the ones by the monitor or by the seat. Once you place your hands on the handle, the monitor will show your heart rate. 

Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike, $260 

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The Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike has sixteen levels of magnetic resistance. It comes with a free-app fitness to keep track of your data each time you exercise. You can see your improvement over time by checking the app and seeing all your data listed. 

The monitor tracks your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and pulse rate. It provides comfortable padding on the cushion, so when working out, no matter how long, your butt or back won’t hurt from exercising for an extended period. 

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series, $600 

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The Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series has twenty-five levels of resistance. It has a monitor to track your speed, distance, time, and calories burned and has twenty-nine workout programs. 

It has a built-in charging port, so you can keep your devices fully charged if you watch a show or use it for workout videos. The best part is the Bluetooth connectivity because it can track and monitor your progress with popular app-based tracking tools. 

Is a Recumbent Bike or An Upright Exercise Bike Better?

An upright bike demands more so you can burn more calories, while a recumbent bike provides a more relaxed workout with the seat and can recline back while only working your legs when cycling. You engage more muscles when you use an upright bike by getting a total body workout. 

Recumbent exercise bike vs. upright bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bike 

  • A comfortable seat that encourages longer workouts.
  • Doesn’t engage the core or arm muscles.
  • Easier on the joints, making cardio less painful.

Upright Bike 

  • More muscles engaged means more calories burned. 
  • Engages the biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles when supporting your weight on the handlebars. 
  • An uncomfortable seat that hurts your tailbone.

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Best Folding Exercise Bike

Having the best foldable exercise bike is key when you don’t have much space in your home already. These bikes are easy to fold and put away after a workout, and you are done using them. 

Leikefitness LEIKE X Bike Ultra, $170

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The Leikefitness LEIKE X Bike Ultra is a two-in-one bike you can use as an upright or recumbent exercise bike. It has ten resistance levels, making it ideal for beginners or advanced people. 

It is foldable when you want to put it out of the way. It has wheels at the bottom, so you can be easy to move when putting off to the side. It saves space if you have little to no room in your home. 

Slim Cycle Workout System Exercise Bike, $200

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The Slim Cycle Workout System Exercise Bike is a recumbent type of bike. It is easy to fold up and store away and doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t folded. This machine even has resistance bands, so if you want to work out the upper body while cycling. 

This bike is ideal if you are older than 50 because it is easy to move when needed, and you can easily store it in your closet. 

ANCHEER Folding Exercise Bike, $108 

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The ANCHEER Folding Exercise Bike is a three-in-one exercise bike. It can be fully folded, standing, and lying down. There are ten levels of resistance that work for beginners or advanced people.

This machine has two rolling wheels at the front, allowing you to move it quickly to wherever you want. It has a little monitor where you can read the speed, time, distance, and heart rate. 

Best exercise bike with air resistance

An air-resistance exercise bike is excellent when you want to use your arms and legs to work together to get a better workout. 

Rogue Echo Bike, $895 

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The Rogue Echo Bike has a monitor where you can see your speed, time, distance, and heart rate, all on display while you are working out. 

It is a stable bike, especially since you move your arms and legs back and forth. You want to ensure you have something that won’t sway while working out. They include rubber leveling to put under each base tube for added stability. 

Motion Air Bike, $300

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The Motion Air Bike has a monitor to track your distance, time, speed, and burned calories. You can set the monitor to specific goals you are trying to make, whether it be your time or distance you want to improve on.

It has a device holder if you want to place your tablet on the phone to watch workout videos or just put on a good show while you exercise. It provides core shoulder and back exercising with full motion handles, not only giving your legs the workout.

AssaultBike Pro, $900

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The Assault Bike Pro lets you stay connected and pair your phone to the monitor on the bike. Giving you better access to track your workouts and see your progress over time. You get access to the Assault fitness app, where you can stay connected with a community of people who use the same exercise machine. 

They provide the best comfort you can get with the padding seat, supportive handlebar grips, and appropriately placed foot pegs. It has maximum durability giving you the support and balance you look for. 

What’s the Difference Between a Spin Bike and An Exercise Bike?

The difference between a spin bike and an exercise bike is that a spin bike has magnetic resistance that provides a smoother and quieter workout. At the same time, an exercise bike has mechanisms to generate friction to give you a feel of a real bike being outdoors. 

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Best exercise bike for Bluetooth-connected fitness

Having the best exercise bike for Bluetooth allows you to transfer any data you get from exercising onto your phone so you can keep track of your stats. 

Original Peloton Bike, $1,245 

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The Original Peloton Bike can go above and beyond any bike with what they provide. If you get a membership that cost forty-four dollars a month, you get unlimited access to all their content. Personal trainer videos, workout sessions, and many more awesome things are provided. 

It is small space friendly, so if you don’t have much room, it can just be moved off to the side, and you won’t notice it is even there. You can monitor your speed, heart rate, time, and distance on the touch screen. 

Concept2 2900 Stationary Exercise Bike, $1,266

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The Concept2 2900 Stationary Exercise Bike has a monitor that you can wireless connect to so you have your stats right phone and can see how well you improve over time. 

There is a device mount if you want to place your phone, open your favorite show or workout video, and start sweating. You will always enjoy their many options if you sign up for their site. 

Stages SB20 Smart Bike, $1,900 

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The Stages SB20 Smart Bike is proud to deliver the most robust connection to provide an uninterrupted exercise session. The great thing is how it feels like a real bike. It gives you the realistic feel of riding an outdoor bike but indoors, not going anywhere. 

It has two different mounts, one for your phone and one for your tablet if you want to watch a workout video or watch something on Netflix. 

Best Peloton Alternative

Peloton is the best when it comes to bikes, but there are alternative ones that are just as great, if not even better, than Peloton. 

The MYX II, $1,399

The MYX II is a fantastic bike because, with the touch screen, thousands of workouts and new sessions are added weekly. For just thirty-nine monthly, you can access an endless number of videos. There won’t be an end to videos when they post weekly. 

You get access to many world-class trainers that are there to help motivate you throughout your workout. A smart band comes with this exercise machine to put on your arm, and it will keep track of your heart rate as you work out. 

Stryde Exercise Bike, $1,495 

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The Stryde Exercise Bike has a lot offer than the Pelton bike. For example, it gives you access to other apps from the touchscreen, if you don’t want to wear shoes when cycling on this bike, you don’t have to, and it gives you the option to choose if you want to join the membership. 

When it comes to the Pelton bike, you can choose if you want the membership. You must get the membership to have access. 

Bowflex VeloCore 16 IC Bike, $1,600

Credit –

The Bowflex Indoor Cycling has a cool feature where you can level up in leaning mode and lean left or right as your bike goes toward the finish line. The JRNY experience will analyze your fitness level and guide you through leaning from left to right so that when you do, you are doing it safely.

The best thing is that when you purchase this app, you can get JRNY free for one whole year. You can explore destinations worldwide, join a workout video, and get access to the best trainers. 

Best exercise bike for tall riders

Having the best bike while also meeting your height commendations can take time to find. We got the best bikes for tall riders. Anyone of these bikes will not steer you wrong. 

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, $1,895 

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The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle can adjust to riders 4 foot 10 to 7 feet tall. You can change the seat height, and the handlebars can be raised or lowered however you like them. 

You can connect to the Keiser app and train with real-time graphs that keep track of your heart rate, distance, time, and speed. All your stats will be on your phone if you want to see how well you are doing throughout each workout session. 

LifeSpan Fitness Recumbent Bike, $999


The LifeSpan Fitness Recumbent Bike lets you reach 6’7” in height. This exercise machine has thirty-four exercise programs you can do that you will benefit from. It has excellent levels for all age groups but is designed to help you meet your health goals. 

The programs are categorized by weight loss, sports training, and active living. When you are working out, you can see your distance, speed, time, and calories burned on the monitor. It will keep track of your workout, having you try to beat your previous workout stats. 

SOLE Fitness B94 Light Upright Indoor Bike, $600 

Credit –

The Sole B94 Light Indoor Bike lets you reach if you are 6’6 in height. It has ten challenging programs that work well if you are a beginner or an expert. It has a device mount where you can place your tablet or phone. 

If you want to listen to music, it has a USB port to charge your phone and listen to music while working out with the speakers built into this exercise machine. 

Best exercise bike for Total Body Workouts

Sometimes you want more than just a leg workout. You want an exercise machine that can provide a full-body workout. We have the best exercise bikes for a full-body workout, and none of them will not let you down. 

Schwinn Fitness Airdyne Bike Series, $899

Credit –

The Schwinn Fitness Airdyne Bike Series has infinite levels of challenges since it is wind resistant. The resistance a fan bike has to offer is challenging. We suggest starting slow and working your way to a faster pace you can handle. 

The handles move back and forth as you pedal to provide an upper and lower body workout. A monitor will display your time, distance, speed, and heart rate as you exercise. 

Ativafit Fan Bike Exercise Upright AirBike, $160 

Credit –

The Ativafit Fan Bike Exercise Upright AirBike has a unique air resistance system meaning that the faster you pedal, the more resistance this fan bike will make. This exercise machine is heavy-duty, so no matter how quickly you go, it will stay stable and not move. 

A monitor will track your distance, speed, time, and calories burned. It is easy to assemble and move around with the wheels at the bottom, making it convenient when you need to put it out of the way. 

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike, $390 

Credit –

The Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike allows for a full-body workout because the handles are connected to the pedals. As you pedal, the handles will move, giving you an upper and lower body workout. 

This exercise bike has an infinity resistance system that increases the resistance as you pedal faster. It produces cool air to increase comfort when working out and helps cool you down while sweating.

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Best overall exercise bike

We have them here if you are looking for the best overall bikes. There are many benefits to these exercise bikes that make them the best. 

SC2 Indoor Bike, $2,246

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The SC2 Indoor Bike is designed to give you a smooth ride when working out. This bike is for serious riders who do cycling regularly. The biggest thing about this bike is that it can change resistance with just a single touch. 

A little monitor will keep track of your speed, distance, time, and calories you burn as you are riding. There is a place to put your devices if you want them to be close to you.

Peloton Bike+, $2,295 

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The Peloton Bike+ comes with a 22-inch touchscreen where you can join workout classes or cycle across the world from your living room. The screen keeps track of your speed, time, distance, and heart rate as you exercise.

It will keep track of your data so that you can see how you improve and what you need to work on. It won’t ever be a dull exercise when you have so much at your fingertips with this bike. 

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Exercise. $1,299 

Credit –

The ProForm Studio Bike, you get a thirty-day trial with iFIT, meaning you gain access to personal training sessions. You can stop tracking your stats manually because iFIT will keep track of your speed, time, distance, and calories you burned each exercise. 

It is built to last a long time and is easy to move around with the built-in wheels. Letting you roll it out of the way when you’re not using it. It is loved because of the exotic places it can show you on the touchscreen as if you are cycling in those places.

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Which Type of Exercise Bike is Right for You?

Each exercise bike is different from one another and can be best for certain people. You must look at your needs and compare them to each bike and see which one lines up more to fit your lifestyle. 

  • Upright bike – This type of bike is good if you want to get an exercise machine that is like riding a bike. It is good for people who like to cycle but want an indoor exercise bike when they can’t go outdoors. 
  • Recumbent bike – This would be the perfect bike if you have back pains and need something that isn’t hard on the body. It is definably recommended for the elderly community who can find it difficult to sit on a regular bike but still like the idea of bicycling. 
  • Dual action bike – A dual action bike is for a full-body workout. This bike is for you if you want more than just leg work. It allows the rider to pump the arms while pedaling, giving your upper body a workout. 

What’s The Best Exercise Bike For Your Money?

The best bike you can get for your money would be the Schwinn Fitness Cycling Exercise Bike.  What makes it the best is that this bike is excellent for just about anyone, whether you’re spin diehards, outdoor cyclists, and anyone wanting to level up on speed providing resistance or endurance. 

Why Buy an Exercise Bike?

You should buy an exercise bike because it provides everything you need to strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. It is an excellent way to get fit while at home. It is one of the few machines that can cause less strain and stress on the body.