20 Best Home Gym Equipment Items of 2023

If you are looking for the best home gym equipment items of 2023, we have gathered the best options to help put together your home gym. We suggest measuring your space first so you can map out where the equipment will be placed and ensure you have enough room for all of your fitness goals.

How much do home gyms cost?

Home gyms can cost anywhere from $300 to $15,000, depending on the equipment you purchase. It also depends on if you will be fixing up the home gym before putting your equipment.  You can start with basic equipment that will average around $300 and kickstart your fitness journey. For this price range, we suggest free weights, a yoga mat, and a set of resistance bands. 

What are the benefits of a home gym?

  • You can stick to your fitness routine
  • You have the freedom to exercise whenever you want
  • You can have privacy with your home gym
  • You can listen to your music as loud as you want
  • You can dress how you want
  • You can design the gym any way you want

What equipment is most essential for a home gym?

  • Dumbbells that weigh from light to medium to heavy
  • Jump rope is a great way to warm up
  • A rower machine gives you an arm, leg, and core workout all in one machine
  • A treadmill if you are looking for a cool-down workout after going hard
  • A yoga mat will help with stretching before you work out or after
  • A foam roller or massage gun will help relax the muscles you use

What is the best home gym equipment for weight loss?

The best home gym equipment for weight loss are the treadmills and exercise bikes. Here are the two best options for those machines:

NordicTrack 1750, $1,599 

Credit – amazon.com

The NordicTrack 1750 has a 10-inch screen to stream on-demand iFIT workouts for just $39 a month. Personal trainers will guide your workout if you join the membership, and you exceed the goals you are trying to pursue. 

It can decline and incline to give your workout a challenge. If you get a trainer with, I FIT, your trainer can auto-adjust your treadmill to help and give you the push you will need. You can explore the breathtaking view that iFIT will show you on the screen as if you were running or walking in the area. 

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SC2 Indoor Bike, $2,246

Credit – backcountry.com

The SC2 Indoor Bike is designed to give you a smooth ride when working out. This bike is for serious riders who do cycling regularly. The biggest thing to note about this bike is that it can change resistance with just a single touch. 

A small monitor will keep track of your speed, distance, time, and calories you burn as you are riding. There is a place to put your devices if you want them to be close to you. The rhythm bar on this bike can accommodate all hand positions, so you can move your hands throughout the workout.

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Best at-home gym equipment for beginners?

If you want to work out and are a beginner, we have listed the best equipment to start you off in your at-home gym. 

AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller, $8.68

Credit – amazon.com

If you are a beginner to foam rollers, this AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller is your best bet. The “high-density foam” means you’ll still feel the needed pressure, but it’ll be evenly distributed throughout the roller’s surface area. Smooth rollers are a good starting place because textured ones can feel a bit more harsh on the body while both work to evenly massage your muscles.

It also helps you stretch out your muscles, especially if you are constantly sitting in the same position at work or school. We recommend this for working out a sore neck, back, and legs. 

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Living Fit Dumbbell Set, $1100 – $1,550

Credit – living.fit

The Living Fit Dumbbell Set comes in various sizes from five to one hundred pounds. You will get two of each dumbbell, no matter the pounds you purchase. The quality of the dumbbell is rubber to protect your floor. Each dumbbell has the weight displayed on the end, so you know how many pounds you are exercising with.

The texture of the handle is easy to grip, so you don’t lose your grip on the dumbbells. Since the ends of the dumbbells have rubber around them, you can put them down roughly without worry or loud noises.

Best home gym equipment for small spaces

If you have a small space for your home gym, there is no worry. The best options are this folding treadmill and rowing machine. If you need to, you can fold them up and put the equipment off to the side while you do other workouts. 

ProForm Carbon T10, $1,299

Credit – proform.com

The ProForm Carbon T10 has a 10-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth audio. It offers a 30-day free trial with iFIT to try out the on-demand workouts and studio classes. You can track your stats on the touchscreen and see how you have improved over time. 

A built-in CoolAire fan gives you three breeze levels to keep you cool while sweating. It will help you even throughout your most challenging workout. If you need to maximize your space, you can conveniently fold the deck up and place it out of the way. 

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Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine, $1,338

Credit – amazon.com

The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is low impact workout machine that will target your legs, core, and arms. A small monitor that comes with the machine will track your progress as you are working out. It has wireless Bluetooth to connect to your fitness or heart rate apps.

Assembly is simple and should take no more than twenty minutes to put together by following the instructions. The handlebars have padding to support your hands. The seat is plastic, but if this may bother you over time, you can always add memory foam pads to the seat.

What is the best flooring for a home gym?

The best flooring for a home gym is rubber, foam, carpet, and vinyl. Rubber is the most common because it protects your current floor. If you do benching and weightlifting, rubber would be the best option, so if you lose grip and it will fall on a soft platform. If you need to purchase something cheaper, the foam would be the best option for your floor home gym. 

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Best home workout equipment for cardio

An exercise bike and a treadmill are the best home workout equipment that help you move your heart rate into the cardiovascular zone.

Peloton Bike+, $2,495 

Credit – onepeloton.com

The Peloton Bike+ comes with a 22-inch touchscreen where you can join workout classes or cycle across the world from your living room. The screen keeps track of your speed, time, distance, and heart rate as you exercise. It will keep your workout data so that you can see how you improve and what you need to work on.

It won’t ever be a dull to do cardio when you have so much at your fingertips. When you’re done with cardio, you can move onto stretch exercises, yoga, and more classes with the use of this bike and the membership. It’s key to have access to a bunch of classes in the comfort of your home. 

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill, $2,100

Credit – amazon.com

The Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill has six standard and two heart programs. There is a monitor where you can track your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. It is a perfect treadmill if you like a wide belt to have enough room when running. There is also a device mount where you can place your tablet or phone and watch workout videos or a favorite show. 

The treadmill installation can be tricky because there are so many parts. We suggest having someone professional assemble the treadmill, so you don’t do it incorrectly and miss a step. This also puts your safety first.

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Best home gym equipment for calisthenics

The best home gym equipment for calisthenics would be parallettes and resistance tubes.

Stand Parallel Bars Parallettes, $40  

Credit – amazon.com

The Stand Parallel Bars Parallettes are built to last; they are made with heavy-duty carbon steel that can support body weight up to 380 lbs. These bars are to help enhance your at-home exercise with simple equipment. They are easy enough to store away when you are not using them. 

You can do handstands, push-ups, and more to provide arm balance or bodyweight workouts. The handles have nonskid rubber with a sleek matte powder coat to provide sweat resistance, so your arms don’t slip from the sweat while holding the bars during a workout. 

GoFit Extreme Pro Resistance Tubes, $60 

Credit – amazon.com

The GoFit Extreme Pro Resistance Tubes have twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty pounds, so you can change the weight when adding more resistance. They come with two attachable handles, so you can choose which one has more of a comfortable grip that will maximize your workout performance. 

You will have two door anchors so you can attach them to the door if you need something to put the resistance tubes on to do arm workouts. These tubes come with padded ankle straps so you can move safely while working out your legs.

Best home gym equipment for strength training

If you want to increase your strength training, the best home gym equipment to use is dumbbells. 

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells, $380 

Credit – dickssportinggoods.com

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells have fifteen weight settings, so instead of purchasing different weights sizes, you can purchase one set and adjust the weight as needed. You can get weight sizes from five to fifty-two and a half. 

These dumbbells feature a pending locking mechanism that will lock in the weight you have selected, making it easy for you to change the weight settings. We suggest making sure you have padding below you when you use these in case you place them down roughly.

Elite Competition Bar 2.0, $219

Credit – xtrainingequipment.com

The Elite Competition Bar 2.0 is designed to handle intense weightlifting, cross-training, and powerlifting workouts. This is excellent if you are training for Olympic lifts. It is made from alloy steel to handle heavy lifts that will not permanently bend. 

It is an extremely durable bar that is at any commercial gym, fitness studio, or home studio. If you go to the gym, you will likely find this type of bar there, which makes it a great addition to add to your home gym.

Best home workout equipment for ballistic training

The best home workout equipment for ballistic training is ballistic wall balls, jumps, or strikes. 

Vulcan Pro Ballistic Medicine Balls, $100 – $260 

Credit – garagegymreviews.com

The Vulcan Pro Ballistic Medicine Balls are built from military-grade fabric Arimex. It is known to be five times stronger than steel. They are used for slamming or wall-ball exercises. They have a grippy surface on the material, so you do not lose grip when exercising with them. 

You will get a lifetime guarantee if this ball ends up bursting or breaking. Inside these medicine balls, they have a heavy-duty rubber bladder to keep them in their original shape. You can get these medicine balls in weights of five to hundred pounds, whichever fits your standard weight you can lift. 

RDX Punching Bag Heavy Boxing Bag, $78 

Credit – amazon.com

Boxing is some of the best home gym equipment because you often have to take boxing classes even when belonging to a gym to have access to the proper equipment. The RDX Punching Bag Heavy Boxing Bag comes with the punching bag itself and pro bag gloves, so you don’t have to purchase gloves separately. The gloves have breathable linings to keep your palm dry and odor-free while you are punching the bag. 

It has four rust-proof stainless steel chains to provide outstanding holding strength; the punching bag will not break off because these chains are designed to be durable. It swivels a full 360 rotation at the top of the chain to allow for a great workout. 

Best home gym equipment for low-impact HIIT

If you’re looking for the best home equipment that provides low impact, but will still give you an effective workout, then we once again recommend a rowing machine and an exercise bike.

Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine, $1,695

Credit – amazon.com

The Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine is a machine that has workouts led by world-class Athletes. The electromagnetic technology makes every row mimic the feel of rowing on the water. This is great because it lowers any impact on your body.

This rowing machine features a 16-inch touchscreen with speakers that will give you a fantastic experience. You can pair your devices to the built-in Bluetooth and play your music straight from the machine’s speakers. You can access their library of thousands of rowing and off-the-mat workouts that will display on the screen. There are unguided rowing workouts that you will be able to do on your schedule. 

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Exercise. $1,299 

Credit – proformcom

With the ProForm Studio Bike, you can ride either seated or standing. This is great because it can lower impact on your body as compared to other cardio machines like a treadmill. You get a thirty-day trial with iFIT, meaning you gain access to personal training sessions.

\You can stop tracking your stats manually because iFIT will keep track of your speed, time, distance, and calories you burn each exercise. It is built to last a long time and is easy to move around with the built-in wheels. Letting you roll it out of the way when you’re not using it.

Best home gym equipment for core training

The best equipment for core training is a rowing machine and a roman chair.

Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine, $1,558

Credit – amazon.com

The Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine is another model that comes with the rowing benefits we have laid out. When you row, it uses your core muscles and you’ll feel it the next day. This machine is quieter than expected, making it a plus, so you don’t disturb neighbors or anyone else in the house. 

It has a USB flash drive inserter to insert a USB and store your workout data. You can see your improvement over time as you store away your data from each of your workouts. 

Sunny Health & Fitness 45-Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair, $75 

Credit – amazon.com

The Sunny Health & Fitness 45-Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair targets the lower back, core, hips, and glutes. It is a multi-purpose workout chair that can target these areas, but when used correctly, fires up your core muscles. It is adjustable to different heights, and its capacity is two hundred and fifty pounds. 

It is easy to store away by it being able to fold up and put away in the closet or off to the side. The handles have non-slip foam around them to help maintain a solid grip. It has a padded foam cushion to help provide a comfortable workout while doing sit-ups. 

Best all-in-one home workout equipment

If you want to purchase and get the most out of a machine, then getting a piece of equipment meant for a full-body workout would be your best choice. Here are the best options:

Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer, $5,500

Credit – forceusa.com

The Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer includes a power rack, chin-up, dip handles, low row, and a lat pulldown station. It is among the best home gym equipment you could have because this is a machine people typically go to the gym for. It has eight kinds of strength training, but conveniently, comes in one machine.

There are three additional workout stations with five attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves. You can add anything to this trainer that suits you the best and where you will keep it. It allows you to work out privately and safely in the comfort of your home. 

Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer, $4,000

Credit – forceusa.com

The Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer is a half-rack foundation with weight stacks, chin-up, landmine, and a low-row station. It comes with four attachments, a TV mount, and four storage shelves if you need to store away some other workout equipment. 

If your workout space is limited, this would be perfect for your home, providing a full workout that you would get at the gym. It is six strength training machines all rolled into this one machine. That being said, it is sold at a great price for all that it has to offer. 

How to choose the best home gym equipment for you

  • Check the cost as there are affordable workout machines that can last a long time as long as you take care of them
  • It depends on the space of your home gym because some of these machines will work in your space better than others
  • Think about what workouts you would prefer to do and that will lead you to your best home gym equipment

Are home gyms worth it?

A home gym is definitely worth it when you have enough space. You also have to make the commitment and take full advantage of your home gym by using it frequently. By having a home gym, you don’t have to pay a gym membership monthly and won’t have to worry about germs that spread around in the gym and potentially getting sick. A home gym gives you the flexibility, privacy, and comfort that you look for when working out.