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best fitness trackers
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May 7, 2023
We break down a list of the best fitness trackers whether it be best for budget, best for smartphones, or…
How Long Does It Take To Run A Mile
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April 23, 2023
Ever wonder how long it should take to run a mile for your age? Well, we have the answers right…
celebrate earth day and overall wellness outside
April 20, 2023
Here are our recommendations for how to celebrate Earth Day and overall wellness by getting outside, appreciating nature, and showing…
5 tips for maintaining your physical health in the winter
February 12, 2023
When temperatures drop, it is hard to stay fit. We've put together 5 tips that can help you reach new…
best under-the-desk treadmill
January 17, 2023
If you work at a desk all day, it can be challenging to live an active lifestyle which is why…
The Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy In 2023
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January 11, 2023
We've covered the best foot massager for neuropathy, from the best budget to the best travel foot massager. Find out…
how to take sexy pictures
January 8, 2023
There is a lot of preparation that goes into a proper sexy photo and a lot to consider, from angles…
celebrities who are sober
January 7, 2023
From Drew Barrymore to Machine Gun Kelly, these celebrities who are sober have spoken openly about why they gave up…
The Best Elliptical Machines for Low-Impact Workouts
January 6, 2023
We've covered the best elliptical machines for home use all across various possibilities, from budget options to high-tech and more.…
The Best Running Shoes for Women
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January 4, 2023
From trail running, distance running, and road running shoes, we cover it all and why they are best running shoes…