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What Vitamins Should I Take Daily?

Making sure your body has the right nutrients every day to feel fulfilled and healthy can be hard. And instead of feeling stuck asking yourself “what vitamins should I take?”, this helpful guide will break down what each vitamin is, why it’s beneficial, and which vitamins work the best together.

There is countless advice being given every day on social media. Whether you’re looking for diet advice, exercise advice or nutritional advice, everyone has an opinion on what is best for you, which can create more confusion than anything.

Thankfully, for those that want a clear guide on what the best vitamins to take are, look no further. Below is all you need to know about what good vitamins to take, and what they can do for you.

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What are the Best Vitamins?

There are several reasons on why you should be taking vitamins and supplements. With about half of American adults taking some type of supplement or vitamin, it’s proven that they are great additions to your everyday life.

Whether you’re missing a certain food group, or for other strengthening and boosting benefits, there are several reasons why taking vitamins or mineral supplements can promote a healthy lifestyle. There are several people who have certain deficiencies that can be helped by vitamins.

Everyone’s body is different, however, so for those asking the question of “what vitamins should I take”, check the list below to see what might be beneficial for you. As always, speak to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns and make a plan on what best suits you.


what vitamins should i take daily?
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Iron is crucial as it helps transport oxygen in the blood. If you don’t have enough iron, it may result in a weak immune system and cause fatigue. Iron is commonly found in red meats, leafy green vegetables and legumes. For those that vegan or vegetarian, this is a crucial vitamin to take. While you can find iron in several plant-based sources, it can be harder to absorb, plus the amount of fiber you’re taking in could block that iron.

It not only helps transport oxygen, but it helps improve your immune function, provide energy, improve brain function and helps you concentrate.

Where to Find Iron

Fish Oil/Omega-3s

what vitamins should i take daily?
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Fish Oil, a great source of Omega-3s, is amazing for the heart and brain. This vitamin is found in fish, hence the supplements name, so if you’re not a fan of that protein source, definitely include this vitamin into your diet. This is one of the most common dietary supplements, and there are several reasons why.

As well as heart and brain health benefits, it also helps reduce blood pressure and reduce pain with those with arthritis.

Where to Find Fish Oil


what vitamins should i take daily?
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Magnesium is known best for being important to bone health and energy production. It can calm our nervous system, ease sleep problems, regulate muscle and nerve function, balance blood sugar levels and help make protein, bone and even DNA.

Magnesium deficiencies are incredibly common due to not eating the proper foods like pumpkin, spinach, artichoke, soybeans, beans, tofu, brown rice or nuts, so adding this to your diet is a great choice.

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Where to Find Magnesium

Vitamin B

what vitamins should i take daily?

To help maintain normal brain and memory function, this vitamin is a great choice if you’re looking for the best vitamins to take. Found in many cereals, flour, breads, pastas, leafy greens, animal proteins and whole grains, there are several benefits that vitamin B can do.

From reducing risk of stroke and heart disease, to helping your metabolism and cholesterol, this is a great addition to your daily intake.

Where to Find Vitamin B

Vitamin C

what vitamins should i take daily?
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This is a water-soluble vitamin that contains antioxidants that promote healthy tissue growth. Vitamin C can often be found in fruits and vegetables.

Some benefits of taking this vitamin include helping your body make collagen, reduce risk of getting a common cold, maintains skin and tissue health and strengthens your bones and teeth.

Where to Find Vitamin C

Vitamin D

what vitamins should i take daily?

This is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that is activated by UV light and is found in cod liver oil, fatty fish, fortified juices, milk and cereals. For those that stay indoors more often than not, this is a great substitute to help you get the nutrients you need.

Some benefits include immune cell function, maintains nervous system function, bone health, and regulates blood levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Where to Find Vitamin D


what vitamins should i take daily?
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This mineral is crucial in bone growth. This is often found in dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, or tofu, spinach, soy and rhubarb. Calcium also plays a role in muscle function and is needed for nerves to carry messages from your brain to your body.

Some other benefits to this mineral include hormone secretion, healthy blood pressure, and decreases risk of osteoporosis.

But what happens if you take too much calcium?

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much calcium you can receive, so being mindful of your intake is crucial.

Hypercalcemia is a condition in which your calcium level is above normal, which can actually weaken your bones, create kidney stones and interfere with how your heart and brain work. Make sure you speak with your doctor before adding in a calcium vitamin to make sure your diet needs it.

Where to Find Calcium


what vitamins should i take daily?

Zinc is a vitamin that is only needed in small amounts depending on your body. It’s another vitamin that can be found in red meat and poultry, as well as beans, nuts and whole grains.

It helps boost your immune system and prevent infections like the common cold and pneumonia. It helps reduce the risk of cancer, improves your memory.

Where to Find Zinc

The Best Vitamin Combinations

Vitamin CombinationThe Benefits
Vitamin D and CalciumThis is an important combination that focuses on your bones. Calcium is the key mineral that helps make up the structure of your bones and teeth, and Vitamin D helps the Calcium get into your bloodstream, making them the perfect combination. Without Vitamin D, the Calcium can’t be used.
Vitamin C and ZincFor antioxidant support, this combination is a great choice. It helps support the immune system, healthy skin and the body’s natural defense system.
Vitamin C and IronIron is another essential mineral for your body as it supports normal red blood cell production and oxygen transportation through the body. Vitamin C can aid Iron absorption, making it one of the best vitamin combinations you can do.
Vitamin D and Omega-3sVitamin D promotes heart health, bone health and immune health, and Omega-3s promotes brain, heart, joint and prenatal health. Combining these two helps increase the bioavailability of both, which means that both supplements are better absorbed by the body.
Vitamin D and MagnesiumMagnesium is an important mineral needed for Vitamin D, as Magnesium is needed to move Vitamin D around in the blood. Studies found that Magnesium deficiencies can lead to oxidative stress and decline in blood vessel health. Pairing these two vitamins can help reduce these and ensure there is enough Vitamin D being activated in the body.

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No more asking about what vitamins I should take, and more living worry free that your body is receiving the best and right nutrients that it needs. With this break down, you should be able to find the right vitamins or mineral supplements that you were missing and start living a healthier lifestyle focused on wellness and health.

Your body is important, and listening to it is crucial. Make sure you take the time to give it the nutrients it needs.